Friday, February 24, 2006

101 romantic ideas

1- Remember to say "I love you" and "I need you" often.
2- Walk hand in hand in the rain.
3- Write a love poem.
4- Call a radio station and dedicate a favorite song.
5- Write "I Love You" in lipstick or shaving cream on the mirror.
6- Hide love notes in a lunch box, briefcase or purse.
7- Make heart-shaped cinnamon toast for breakfast.
8- Place a love note in the personals section of the newspaper.
9- Take a carriage ride around the city.
10- Plan a surprise getaway.
11- Do your mate's household chores.
12- Write notes on future dates in their date book ("I love you," I miss you," etc.)
13- Make reservations at a favorite restaurant.
14- Let them choose the movie.
15- Give a foot massage.
16- Make a heart-shaped bookmark, and place it in their book.
17- Pop in a romantic music CD and slow dance.
18- Throw a just-because surprise party for two.
19- Buy a stuffed animal for your honey.
20- Read each other's horoscopes.
21- Make a list of the top 10 things you love about your partner.
22- Display it in a prominent place.
23- Tattoo your mate's name on your body.
24- Make an album or scrapbook of your favorite memories together.
25- Go camping together and only take one sleeping bag.
26- Send a mushy message in a bottle...a balloon...a sandwich...
27- Cut out a silly cartoon that you know they'd enjoy.
28- Shower together.
29- Dim the lights, and snuggle together on the couch.
30- Be the first to say "I'm sorry" and kiss and make up.
31- Give each other a full-body massage.
32- Kiss every hour on the hour all day long.
33- Send a gift basket of indulgent items.
34- Write "I'm hot for you" in the steam on the bathroom mirror.
35- Ribbon wrap your bed with a big bow.
36- Fill up the gas tank of your partner's car.
37- Act like teenagers. Maybe even pierce something!
38- Show up with a bouquet of flowers -- for no reason at all.
39- Play Scrabble® together, using as many "love" words as you can.
40- Run a warm bubble bath for your partner, with lots of lit candles.
41- Meet in the park for a picnic.
42- Hold hands.
43- Leave a trail of rose petals through the house, leading to a romantic candlelight dinner.
44- Make a donation in your mate's name to a special cause or charity.
45- Pick up their clothes from the floor -- without saying a word about it.
46- Watch an old black and white romantic movie and share a bowl of popcorn.
47- Reenact your first date.
48- Surprise your partner with tickets to a special event.
49- An unexpected hug can brighten any day.
50- Buy a silly, impromptu gift.
51- Send an email just to say "I'm thinking of you."
52- Bring home a balloon bouquet.
53- Serve breakfast in bed.
54- Make an ornament with a picture of both of you for the Christmas tree.
55- Play tag.
56- Wash and wax your partner's car, and leave a little note on the dashboard.
57- Plant a garden together.
58- Leave a mushy message on voicemail.
59- Stay at a hotel for the night, just because.
60- Make angels in the snow.
61- Every time you say "hello" or "goodbye", seal it with a hug and a kiss.
62- Take a drive in the country.
63- Spend the evening looking at the stars -- and make a wish together.
64- Cast a playful wink any time, anywhere.
65- Think up a list of silly little pet names for times when you're alone together.
66- Read poetry to each other.
67- Celebrate your half-birthdays together.
68- Put a picture of both of you in your wallet.
69- Buy that favorite book or CD for no reason at all.
70- Send a care package to work filled with treats like food, photos, candy, a love note, heart-shaped confetti, etc.
71- Go out for the evening and tell people you're on your honeymoon.
72- Take a hike together and carve your initials in a tree.
73- Write a thank you note for all the things you take for granted.
74- Make a fire in the fireplace and roast marshmallows.
75- Tape your favorite TV show and spend the evening talking.
76- Do the dishes together, then apply hand lotion to each other's hands.
77- Write a love letter to your partner and cut it into jigsaw puzzle pieces.
78- Decide on secret signals and use them to communicate with each other in large groups of people.
79- Schedule a regular mid-week "date night" for just the two of you.
80- Do the laundry together.
81- Romance Theater Weekend: reenact each other's favorite love scene - hers on Friday, his on Saturday.
82- Call your partner at work and ask for a date.
83- Pretend you haven't seen each other for a month. Act accordingly.
84- Send a written invitation to do something special.
85- Take turns reading to each other.
86- Stand outside the window and sing a romantic song.
87- Hide favorite candy in your partner's coat pockets.
88- Put a tape recording of your voice (saying anything) in the car stereo and turn it on so it plays when the car starts.
89- Go to a drive-in movie.
90- Get up to turn off the last light after you're both comfy-cozy in bed.
91- Hold each other tight during a thunderstorm.
92- Make a tape recording of favorite love songs.
93- Leave a bunch of bananas on the kitchen table with a note, "I go bananas over you!"
94- Hide love notes in a magazine.
95- Declare your undying love via a telegram.
96- Make a romantic dinner together, and serve it on your finest china.
97- Surprise your partner with a big kiss on the neck.
98- Give unexpected compliments.
99- Share an ice cream cone.
100- Have a picnic on the living room floor.
101- Draw a silly picture of the two of you. Frame it.


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